School Information

Changing schools and moving can be an overwhelming event in life, even if the entire family is excited about the move.

Your child’s school records are among the important documents you will need to round up or make arrangements to have sent during a move.

As soon as you decide to move:

  • Do your research on the schools. It could be as easy as living on the other side of the school boundary that can make the difference between a top-rated school and one that is not. If your child has any special needs, or has a unique goal (e.g. You will need to research what language immersion programs are available in the new area.
  • Get started early. If they are charter schools or target schools, public schools might have waiting lists.
  • Check to see if extra-curricular activities require enrollment early or that may require practice during the summer, before the school year begins.
  • Register your children at their new schools. You must ensure that you have completed all paperwork, and all necessary immunization records. So that your children can begin school on day one.
  • Take a copy of the current curriculum of your children so that the school can have a better idea about where the child should be placed in terms of class or level.

After you arrive at your new home:

  • Before school begins, drive the children to their new school.
  • You might consider introducing yourself to your neighbors. This will depend on how comfortable you are with strangers. You might want to invite your neighbors over to your house or backyard party.
  • To ensure that they are aware of your children's experience at a new school, and a major move for their family, talk to counselors.
  • To give your child the opportunity to make new friends, look into extracurricular activities that are associated with or without school.

Finding the right school for your child can be challenging. Click on the links below to get all your answers before you decide which neighborhood to move to: